Your Gym.
Your Pocket.

GymJam knows every Gym, Health Club and Leisure Centre in the UK. Find a Gym, view class timetables and keep motivated by sharing your progress with friends.


Use GymJam because it's useful. You might even make some friends too.

Whether you're looking for a Gym or already have one, GymJam deserves a spot on your phone. We've designed GymJam to be both useful and social.

Features range from setting calender reminders for fitness classes, to an in-built instant chat with future Gym Buddies.


Where to get fit?

We know the place for you.
GymJam has the best information on sporting facilities there is! Find your nearest Jacuzzi in a flash.



GymJam has the most beautiful Gym timetables. Check fitness and swimming timetables for popular chains with more timetables added every week!


Gym Buddies

See who else goes to your Gym. Find something in common on their profile for that perfect ice breaker. Finding Gym Buddies will keep you motivated.


Activity Sharing

Keep track of how many times you work out and stick to your goals. Easily share your Gym activity with others in the app or on Facebook.


Membership Calculator

Easily calculate, per visit, how much your Gym Membership costs. What's good value to you? £5 a visit? Better get down the Gym then!


Instant Chat

We've implemented a 'Whats-App' style chat into the app so you can easily communicate with each other. See the same faces all the time at the Gym? Now it's easy to say "hi".